A terrific range of SUVs, trucks, sedans, minivans, and more awaits you at Fogg’s Automotive. And while buying a vehicle is an exciting experience, it’s certainly nerve-wracking as well, considering there are plenty of car-buying myths still making the rounds. Thankfully, our Honda dealers in Glenville, NY can help you separate fact from fiction.

Car-Buying Myths

Car-buying myths:

-Don’t tell the dealer about your trade-in until the 11th hour

-Determine the price on your own and bring a cashier’s check to us

-You’ll get a better deal on a holiday or rainy/snowy day

-Driving a hard line will earn you a lower price

As a leading source for top-quality used cars near Saratoga Springs, NY, we’ve heard plenty of car-buying myths in our many years of business. One such myth is that you should resist telling a dealer you have a trade-in vehicle until you’ve finalized a price for the vehicle you’re purchasing. A far better, less time-consuming approach is to be forthright from the get-go so we can give you the best-possible deal on both ends.

Visit our Acura dealership at 642 Saratoga Road in Glenville, NY and we’ll steer you clear of another common car-buying myth: the notion that it’s somehow advantageous to determine on your own a fair price and bring a cashier’s check to our dealership with that amount, without ever meeting with us beforehand. Even though there are lots of online pricing resources these days, there’s still plenty to discuss, such as accessories, financing specials, etc.

Before You Buy

Things to consider before you buy:

-How big of a down payment are you considering?

-What make/model best suits your lifestyle?

- Have you checked your credit score?

-Would you like to get pre-approved for credit via our website?

Whether you’ve discovered our Kia dealership in Glenville, NY via word-of-mouth or an internet search for a “car dealership near me”, there are some things you’ll want to consider before visiting us for a new vehicle. Since we specialize in top-notch pre-owned vehicles, you’ve already answered one of the most important questions: whether to pursue pre-owned or brand-new. An equally important question is what make and model you’re interested in. This requires some research, as well as consideration of your lifestyle needs.

Once you have these questions answered, we welcome you to visit us for further conversation. But remember, you don’t have to buy during the initial visit. Even if you find a great option or two at our Ford dealership serving Saratoga, NY, we still need to discuss financing, terms, and accessories. Also, there could be a financing special coming up that inspires you to delay your purchase for a week or two.

Fogg’s Automotive is a conveniently-located, very accessible Mitsubishi dealer serving Glenville, NY and the surrounding area. We’re the ideal place to find used car specials, and you can rely on us to dispel any car-buying myths you’ve heard so that your experience with us is a very enjoyable one.

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